Beit HaShomer

Watchman's House ("Beit HaShomer") at Kfar Giladi

HaShomer museum
Beit HaShomer museum was set up by the members of Hashomer to commemorate the organization's heritage. Hashomer people were innovators during the time of the Second Aliyah they established agricultural settlements known as ‘Yishuv’ to defend the Jewish population in Israel.

The museum displays bronze statues by sculptor Batya Lishansky, short films depicting the experiences of a ‘Hashomer’ member through letters to his family. There is an exhibition of photographs by Leo Kahn and Abraham Suskin. On display there are exhibits of clothes, weapons, farmer tools and much more. There is a film which describes the activities of the organisation related by the members' descendants.

The site consists of an Archive Museum, the Gallery of sculptor Batya Lishansky, laureate of the Israel Prize and sculptor of the Second Aliyah, a convention hall and an observation tower overlooking a wonderful view.

Museum tours may be arranged to a visit to a genuine weapon hiding place (slick), the Kfar Giladi Pioneers' Courtyard, the graves of ‘Hashomer’ members and the site of the Roaring Lion.

 There are activities for children including the chance to dress up in costumes in the spirit of the time of the settlers.

 Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-16:00

Friday and holiday eves for pre-booked groups 

 Location: kibbutz Kfar Giladi.

Tel: 04-6941565