Question #1: Which rabbi is credited with giving the name Tiberias a religious interpretation, he said that Tiberias is the centre (tabur in-Hebrew) of Israel?

Question #2: Which prominent Babylonian rabbi of the third century journeyed from Babylonia to meet Rabbi Yochanan?

Question #3: Which Rabbi is Luzzatto buried next to?

Question #4: What was the name of Rabbi Akiva’s wife?

Question #5: At what age did Rabbi Akiva learn to read?

Question #6: Who was the leader of Jewish community in Egypt during 13th century, grandson of Rambam and the son of Rabbi Avraham?

Question #7: Who brought his community from Turkey and established the Etz Chaim, ‘Tree of Life’ synagogue?

Question #8: Which Rabbi in the third century served as a Roman official together with Elazar ben Simon, and was instrumental in suppressing the Jewish renegades during the war between Severus and Pescennius Niger?

Question #9: Who’s grave is in front of Rabbi Yohanan’s tomb is known for his book Shnei Luchot baBrit?

Question #10: Where is Rabbi Chaim Abulafia is buried?

Question #11: Who was Hananya ben Teradyon?

Question #12: When Rabbi Nachman wanted to emigrate to Israel who did he ask for permission?

Question #13: Which student of the Maggid of Mezritch and Rabbi Pinchus of Karitz moved to Israel in 1799 and setteled in Tiberias?

Question #14: When Rebbe Nachman of Breslev visited Eretz Yisroel who did he meet with?

Question #15: Who was also known as Yisroel Karduner a Breslev Rabbi that lived in Safed?